World's Hardest Golf Clubs To Hit | Thrift Store Golf Challenge


Another thrift store golf challenge!
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  • Tyler Barrong
    Tyler Barrong8 days ago

    Those are not wooden shafts. They are pyratone. Basically painted steel shafts from the mid to late 30s. Still fun to hit.

  • Alex Pottratz
    Alex Pottratz13 days ago

    Watched since 2k every vid

  • Ryan Gass
    Ryan Gass17 days ago

    you guys suck

  • Noah Warfe
    Noah Warfe19 days ago

    what has been your best for 18?

  • Richard Russ
    Richard Russ20 days ago

    make a club cover out of the dino

  • K.C.
    K.C.21 day ago

    0:40 Doesn't Harry look like Rexie's father?

  • Nicklaus Garcia
    Nicklaus Garcia21 day ago

    Subscribed since may of 2019

  • Ying Li
    Ying Li22 days ago


  • Gavin Williams
    Gavin WilliamsMonth ago

    Choke master 🤣

  • Aaron Archer
    Aaron ArcherMonth ago


  • John Corner
    John CornerMonth ago

    I have been subscribed like 6 months before bro 5

  • Robert
    RobertMonth ago

    been subbed since like 46k 😂

  • cian whelan
    cian whelanMonth ago

    Parallel lines tig ya silly goose

  • Eddie Sneed
    Eddie SneedMonth ago

    “These are the purest clubs I have ever hit”...’Hey! Let’s disrespect the craftsman and title the video “World’s Hardest Golf Clubs to Hit” Makes me think you have no integrity.

  • Tik TOk Fan
    Tik TOk FanMonth ago


  • Diggy Booth
    Diggy BoothMonth ago

    Been sub’d since 25k

  • Voidcrxxmy
    VoidcrxxmyMonth ago

    I have been here since 100k!

  • Logan Bartens
    Logan BartensMonth ago

    I bet you could not eagle the par 5 at the coarse my highschool team plays at do you accept the challenge and what to find out bc that would be really dope maybe even a you and tig scramble to try and get eagle?

  • BillNyeTheGaminGuy
    BillNyeTheGaminGuyMonth ago

    love your videos makes me wanna get better at golf. ive only been playing for a couple years and now im playing atleast a couple times a week and need to upgrade my clubs now lol but keep it up great stuff your all doing !!!

  • CanineChair 2826
    CanineChair 2826Month ago

    Those clubs are from around 1900-1930

  • CanineChair 2826
    CanineChair 2826Month ago

    I’ve been subscribed on my other account for 7 years

  • Charlie Gundlach
    Charlie GundlachMonth ago

    I wonder if in the future my P790 irons will end up in some thrift store and maybe like 30 years from now people will say they look ancient 😂

  • Aidan Dutoit
    Aidan DutoitMonth ago


  • TD Welch
    TD WelchMonth ago

    Ya I think I’m done watching kid golf 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • TD Welch
    TD WelchMonth ago

    How’s about some video footage of you hacks actually repairing your fairway divots 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • TD Welch
    TD WelchMonth ago

    So are any of those clubs actually have wooden shafts. There Steele wrapped with a wood grain plastic sleeve.

  • TD Welch
    TD WelchMonth ago

    -5...ya right 😂😂😂

  • Ezekiel Becker
    Ezekiel BeckerMonth ago

    been subscriber for 2 years. absolutely love the content

  • Cory Bruegger
    Cory BrueggerMonth ago

    Just subd

  • t Mills scratcher
    t Mills scratcherMonth ago

    I've been subscribed about a couple months and love the channel! Hugh golf fan and love to play. I'm calling you and one of your friends out to a match against just me.

  • Gregor Cargill
    Gregor Cargill2 months ago


  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson2 months ago

    Sound effects ruined it

  • Savagegamer 2413
    Savagegamer 24132 months ago

    I'm the 1000th commenter on this video. Great as always 👍

  • DreamxLeader
    DreamxLeader2 months ago

    I was your first sub

  • Lex Lummus
    Lex Lummus2 months ago

    I have been watching till 15k

  • alex barnard
    alex barnard2 months ago

    So those clubs are not a complete wooden shaft! They are metal with a wood line outer cover. Most likely from 1900-1920s. The super super old ones are the ones that have a complete wooden shaft.

  • TheGolfdaily
    TheGolfdaily2 months ago

    Man, this is more fun to watch than US Open..

  • Terry Spencer
    Terry Spencer2 months ago

    I was here when you had 900 subscribers

  • Sam
    Sam2 months ago

    stop touching your hair

  • Mads Larsen
    Mads Larsen2 months ago

    been watching since you had 15 k subs

  • Tstormer
    Tstormer2 months ago

    Watching you about half a year as a suggestion from a put put \arcade video don't watch them anymore but I watch you

  • Sam G
    Sam G2 months ago

    I’ve been watching since like 50 k

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris2 months ago

    God is real. Satan is real. Heaven is real. Hell is real. Eternity is real. The Holy Spirit is real. Jesus is coming back. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and savior? If you don’t, please get right with God. Please. He is waiting. Come home to Jesus.

  • Chris Vales
    Chris Vales2 months ago

    2 weeks

  • Jay H
    Jay H2 months ago

    Been subscribed for about 2 years now.

  • The Pro Gamer
    The Pro Gamer2 months ago

    Started when you guys were at 100 and haven't stopped watching your videos and I even rewatch the old ones.

  • Shawn Corley
    Shawn Corley2 months ago

    Next time you guys should dress up in knickers and full old school gear.

  • Cris Thorne
    Cris Thorne2 months ago

    Subscribed when you guys teamed up with the Googans. Love golfing so thought I'd give it a go. Good content. Keep up the great work. Great to be from the one place in Canada where you can play golf year round.

  • KP da Freek
    KP da Freek2 months ago

    Been subbed so long I saw Stevens first time on the channel

  • Big Golfer
    Big Golfer2 months ago

    You guys should've dressed the part.. like Legend of Bagger Vance days. Great idea and video!

  • Kirby Torola
    Kirby Torola2 months ago

    1 1/2 years

  • TheJimatwen
    TheJimatwen2 months ago

    2nd video of yours i have watched. New subscriber

  • Jace Nixon
    Jace Nixon2 months ago

    by far favorite video!!! these types of videos are dialed-in!!

    GAMEROYALE 20052 months ago

    I have been subscribed since the original wheel of not ideal videos

  • Talon Peru
    Talon Peru2 months ago

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  • rKade
    rKade2 months ago

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  • Kynan Loftus
    Kynan Loftus2 months ago

    Im so confused why doesn’t Micah live with his wife

  • C Marie Duran
    C Marie Duran2 months ago

    metallica enter sandman

  • Jake Voros
    Jake Voros2 months ago

    Would be interesting to see if you could get ahold of the golf balls that were used with those clubs

  • Mikey Pagnotto
    Mikey Pagnotto2 months ago

    I have been subscribed for 2 years

  • Rodsbox 17
    Rodsbox 172 months ago

    I've been subbed since gm had 45k following

  • Rodsbox 17
    Rodsbox 172 months ago

    U gotta buy the old feathered golf balls to play with these clubs

  • Apex Funny Moments
    Apex Funny Moments2 months ago

    Couldn’t watch the video with that dumb af sound effect

  • Spencer Roberson
    Spencer Roberson2 months ago

    Garrett u should use blades if u like them

  • Nick Barlow
    Nick Barlow2 months ago

    when you played 18 holes before school

  • Austin Fitzgerald
    Austin Fitzgerald2 months ago

    Started watching right around March 2019! Definitely not quite the beginning of it all, but been amazing to watch you all grow! Keep up the great work. I'll always be watching and supporting. This channel is the reason I got into golf last summer. Went from shooting between 120-140 last year to 90-100 over the past month. Shot 97 to break 100 for the first time a month ago, then the next week shot 92. Breaking 90 coming soon!

  • ColeBuddy
    ColeBuddy2 months ago

    They never fix divots and pitch marks do they

  • hannah mckinney
    hannah mckinney2 months ago

    the sound of the club kills me everytime

  • Michael Kee
    Michael Kee2 months ago


  • Jimmy McFarland
    Jimmy McFarland2 months ago

    subscribed since an early soccer/golf crossbar challenge with steve

  • Yash Vyas
    Yash Vyas2 months ago

    crazy to think that you were doing snow videos with stephen’s frosted tips not too long ago #yaya #OG

  • Sean mccloud
    Sean mccloud2 months ago

    ive been subbed since your 25k mark

  • Colin Schim
    Colin Schim2 months ago

    Who else remembers brofive though like can we have that back☹️

  • Robert McDonough Smith
    Robert McDonough Smith2 months ago

    Started watching last summer

  • Francis Wren
    Francis Wren2 months ago

    Been here since 8k

  • WhoDeany
    WhoDeany2 months ago

    Hurts me watching you guys fix the balls lie for every shot

  • KrazyXxSnipe S
    KrazyXxSnipe S2 months ago

    I was watching when you were at 50-60k

  • Cal Milligan
    Cal Milligan2 months ago

    I still remember the original tornado video

  • Cal Milligan
    Cal Milligan2 months ago

    The first video I watched was when he played golf in like an hour and a half before school. I've been watching for like at least a year and a half

  • Daniel French
    Daniel French2 months ago

    Been subscribed since you explained why you were ineligible with NCAA, didn't watch much at first but every video nowadays 💪 found out about you via Instagram stingers 😂

  • Phil Crouch
    Phil Crouch2 months ago

    please turn that god awful sound effect off. really enjoyed the vid other than that!

  • Craig Bear
    Craig Bear2 months ago

    Does any course ever make you guys wear collared shirts? Not that I care, but used to work in the business and that is pretty standard. What is next, you guys saying wearing denim “keeps you warm” hahaha

  • BikerBoy4488
    BikerBoy44882 months ago

    That sound effect on the tee box got me every time 😂😂 another great video guys, keep it up ps. COME TO THE UK! 👍🏼🏌🏼‍♂️

  • Anthony See
    Anthony See2 months ago

    Been watching your vids since the trick shots!!

  • Marcus
    Marcus2 months ago

    Everytime they try weird/old clubs "These actually might go in the bag"

  • Wilmer Jacobsson
    Wilmer Jacobsson2 months ago

    Dude I have been watching you since you had like 3 k subs, even before rick shields or someone else I don’t remember posted one of your trick shots on his ig

  • Davis Flynn
    Davis Flynn2 months ago

    I have been watching you since like you had 5k subs but I am not sure how long I have been subscribed.

  • Davis Flynn
    Davis Flynn2 months ago

    Is that noise after you guys hit the ball real

  • Rory Alexander
    Rory Alexander2 months ago

    garrett is so annoying

  • Johnnie Blackburn
    Johnnie Blackburn2 months ago

    Been sub’ed for almost two years now. Hey making your great content. You deserve much more than 500k.

  • Johnnie Blackburn

    Johnnie Blackburn

    2 months ago

    Keep making great content

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    Kalani Akana2 months ago

    give these guys some subscriptions guys! I've been watching for the past month but I've also been binge watching. HUGE fan of GM golf!!

  • Aaron Dempsey
    Aaron Dempsey2 months ago

    I’ve been here since 50k subs sorta og but still love your guys content

  • Chris Lawhon
    Chris Lawhon2 months ago

    We should play sometime. I live in the central texas area

  • JSI Crew
    JSI Crew2 months ago

    ive only been a subscriber for a couple months now but i watch your videos each and everyday. GOTTA LOVE ALL YOUR GUY’S CONTENT ! 💯

  • P S
    P S2 months ago

    Every title: golfing with nothing but popsicle sticks Intro: Garrett:OMGOSH no way you just hit that so far

  • Zachary Gates
    Zachary Gates2 months ago

    I’m so OG I remember the driver only challenged on the little course in KC that you later deleted

  • Josh Sack
    Josh Sack2 months ago

    You guys should do a thrift store golf club draft. Buy a bunch of golf clubs from different thrift stores, test them out and then have a draft where you select what clubs you each get to compete in a match. My guess would be that 2 iron would be #1 overall 😂

  • Oskar Gustafsson
    Oskar Gustafsson2 months ago

    top 4k subs👌

  • Jamie Gray
    Jamie Gray2 months ago

    Tbh even if u don’t hit 500,000 ur so underrated u should have a mil+ keep grinding let me know when you come to turks and Caicos and I’ll take you and Micah on.